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Future NFL Star Vonn Bell joins the Qore Performance team!


Chattanooga, TN: Safety Vonn Bell is known for his intelligence and instincts on the field. But making plays on gameday starts with intense preparation off of it. To be ready, two or even three workouts a day is the norm, and being hydrated is key. Vonn’s secret weapon? He uses Wearable Hydration Technology from Qore Performance when training so when the game is tight, he can dominate on the field while the competition heads to the sidelines.

“Qore gives me increased endurance and focus during preparation. It is the winning touch and increases my team’s chances of victory. I can tell a difference since beginning to use the product as my workouts have intensified and I’m achieving results at a faster rate,” says Vonn, “I wholeheartedly believe in this product and its cutting edge technology”

“We’re thrilled to have Vonn join the team. At Ohio State, he learned all about what it takes to be a champion. He’s the epitome of a Qore athlete – intelligent, hard-working, and looking for every advantage in training to always be in top form. We’re fired up to see him making plays for the Saints on Sundays.” said J.D. Willcox, co-founder and inventor at Qore Performance.

Qore Performance, based in Fairfax, VA, is the world leader in wearable hydration technology to help athletes, featuring the first ever apparel clinically proven to boost your hydration during a workout. Qore Performance products are proudly made in the USA. Their full range of hydration and performance products is available now at www.qoreperformance.com.

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